Mindfulness madrid gratis

Mindfulness madrid gratis

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We will also investigate together the importance of feeling connected, of being part of something, of establishing interpersonal relationships based on acceptance and non-judgment using a way of speaking that connects and abandoning other ways of speaking that separate.
Mindfulness is a training of the mind to bring attention to the present moment, to life as it unfolds in this moment. Mindfulness is a way of living and being in the world and therefore this course, besides offering scientific information, proposes an experience.

Online mindfulness course

A practice aimed at managing the negative thoughts that in these times of pandemic can stalk us day and night sapping our energy. We are referring to worries, fears, insecurities, etc.. We will end with a few minutes dedicated to questions that may arise from the participants.
The workshop will be conducted through the Microsoft team platform. To facilitate the access, a link will be provided to the participants, just click on it and you will be able to enjoy everything!
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I left my previous job in multinational pharmaceutical companies due to stress and I trained in my passion: mindfulness meditation and yoga.  Meditation was for me a simple way to transform my suffering into freedom.
Trust me! more than 670 people have done it. With me you will learn the best strategy to put an end to your stress, your fears, your obsessive thoughts, your thousands of chores, your anxiety. Believe me I have been through this, and I have come to experience how to “get out of the bottom of the well”.

Guided meditations

Stop and breathe. For a moment stop what you are doing and come back to the present. You don’t even have to close your eyes or move from where you are, in just three minutes we will regain calm and focus.
Silence allows us to change our vital rhythm and connect with ourselves. Through this practice we will begin to familiarize ourselves with “silence” by attending to its different dimensions. We will gradually prepare ourselves to reduce noise, stress, the need to be busy, achieving states of calm in a very simple way.
Body pathThe practice of the body path is one of the first mindfulness meditations we usually learn. We use body sensations as an anchor for our attention and we go through our whole body observing which sensations we can discover in each moment how they change.
Prolong the exhalationThrough this short exercise we will learn to relax very effectively using only our breath. You can practice it at any time and in any place.